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"Coach Karen has given me the tools to eat for energy, feel my best, and maximize my marriage. I have lost 15 pounds in this first month. I consistently exercise 6 days a week. I consistently choose the right foods.  My wife has noticed all of the special things I have been doing for her and she is ecstatic. 
Thanks again, Coach Karen.  I look forward to continuing to seize the day and maximize my potential." K.L.

Live Well Coaching—the end of stuck and the start of passion: direction for your life and work from Coach Karen


My coaching is about helping you create positive change quickly and easily. In working with hundreds of people, I’ve learned how to help you draw out your strengths, clarify your desires, focus on strong action, celebrate success, and sustain inspired commitment to what’s most important in your life. I offer several formats to make that happen:

• Personal coaching
Get excited about life again! One-on-one coaching gives you powerful, individualized tools, concepts, and support to have the life you’ve imagined. I want you to have complete trust and assurance in your coach, so my coaching is guaranteed. If my process doesn’t work for you, and you let me know about your concerns, I will make it right for you. Guaranteed!

• Group Coaching and support
Teleclasses on life skills, such as Mastering Procrastination, Building Rock-Solid Relationships, and ABS of Steel: Attitudes, Beliefs, and Self-Confidence. These one-hour classes by phone give you tools, techniques, and inspiration to begin making change on your own. Download my events calendar for upcoming teleclasses.
A Custom Fit Life. This unique 8–week program will shape up your life. It offers a combination of personal and group coaching to move you toward a big goal, while learning skills that will change your life forever. A Custom Fit Life is offered upon request, so contact me for further information.

• My teambuilding program for small business:
  “Passion in the Workplace”

8-week program uses a combined format of training and coaching to teach skills, and then anchor the concepts using coaching techniques. Rather than a one-time training that is forgotten in a matter of hours, Passion in the Workplace creates an environment of change that is reinforced over the 8-week period. Offered in the Denver metro area only.

• Speeches and Training
I speak for the same reason I coach: to help people make real, positive change in their lives. Each topic contains tips and resources presented in an interactive, fun style. Sample topics include:

A Simple Answer For Your Complex Life
Does it feel like life is over for you: over-whelmed, over-worked, or over-committed. There IS a simple answer for your complex life! Learn the 12-Step program to change your life “for good!”

High Octane Living: 4 Ways to Energize Your Life
Change your energy level at work and at home through awareness and simple choices.

ABS of Steel: Attitudes, Beliefs, Self-Confidence
The way we talk to ourselves and the beliefs that we have about ourselves and others create our reality. In this workshop we "pump up" confidence by giving participants new, more empowering alternatives.

From Conflict to Collaboration: 4 Big Steps to Better Business Relationships
This workshop shifts thinking about how to create effective business relationships.

The Flywheel of Success©: Six Synergistic Strategies to Succeed
The flywheel concept uses momentum to achieve your goals, rather than effort and willpower. Learn specific new ways to set and achieve personal and professional goals with greater ease.

Leadership: Living Possibilities
This workshop uses a licensed copy of “The Art of Possibility: Leadership” video produced by Benjamin and Rosemonde Zander, authors of The Art of Possibility. Specific exercises and discussion shift “downward spiral” thinking to “possibility” thinking for employees and leaders.

Listening Beyond the Words
We learn to speak throughout our lives, but seldom are we trained to listen. Learn about what makes a good listener, and the many things you can learn by listening beyond the words.

Mastering Procrastination
Learn the reasons for procrastination, the ways procrastination can serve you, and strategies for eliminating non-productive procrastination. Don’t put off learning this great information any longer!

Be Unstoppable
Learn a powerful tool to help you stay calm and focused, even when the world rages around you. Imagine how different your life will be when you can take calm, directed action, even in the toughest of times.

Contact me to arrange a speaking engagement for your club or organization. Click here to download my events calendar and find out where I’m speaking.

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