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"I found myself completely in love with these Simple Secrets. Karen has condensed huge subjects into the basics of to-the-point solutions." S.C.

Live Well Coaching—the end of stuck and the start of passion: direction for your life and work from Coach Karen

66 Simple Secrets to Save Your Sanity

When the stress and frantic pace of life are DRIVING YOU CRAZY, turn to
66 Simple Secrets To Save Your Sanity.

Carry this little book with you—in your pocket, your purse, your car, your desk drawer—so it’s available at a moment’s notice to help with the stresses and challenges of everyday life. Its purpose is to lift your mood or shift your thinking in 30 seconds or less, the time it takes to read one Secret. The Secrets are simple, easy, and applicable to your busy life.
You can have copies of the book personalized with your company or personal information to give as gifts or tokens of appreciation. See the order form below for details, or call Karen at 303-987-5957. For the price of a greeting card, you can show friends you care by helping them save their sanity. Sanity is a terrible thing to waste!

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You can order through PayPal or with a check or money order.
Personalize your gifts with a distinctive foil label with your contact information. Your friends and clients will thank you!

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5–10                        6.00                       not available
11–50                      5.50                       $5.75
more than 50          5.00                         5.10

add $1.50 per order
5–19: add $2.50 per order
Free Shipping! 20 or more

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